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Lil miquela, the virtual influencer, Falls in love with the real world in Haunting film for BMW’s iX2 - Adage

We collaborated with the brand new pop icon and virtual influencer known as Lil Miquela (@lilmiquela) to narrate her journey of embracing our world and experiencing genuine human interactions during her inaugural voyage, always accompanied by BMW's new (i)X2.

Main film


Artwork                             Print, ooh

Stefanie Soho

Chris Noltekuhlmann

Production Film: BWGTBLD

Post Production:
Rohtau London

Production Artwork: Recom
Mediamonks Berlin

ECD:Patrick Klebba, Christof Deutscher
CD:Mario Zaradic
AD:Tomic Lee, Junggle Kim, Moe Qubia
CW:Oliver Schnitzer, Poppy Kilby-Tyre