For those who can’t get enough

Kia Stonic
The new Kia Stonic takes our urban cowboy on an unforgettable, never enough, can not catch your breath adventure. And it does not stop there! From a breath taking sunset moment, to a concert with the best view in the house, to a big night out with friends. More fun and more are just around the next city block corner. Kia Stonic to the Global Markets. We are launching the campaign with an exciting teaser phase.

Director: Cadmo Quintero
Photographer: Thomas Motta
Production: Markenfilm 
Agency: Jung von matt/Neckar
Creative Directors: Sven Kratzch, Matthias Hess, Francesco Poletti, Florian Hubrich
Art Director: Tomic Lee
Copywriter: Saurabh Kejriwal