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Mercedes tells a modern story of a father who is there for his child and tries to make every adventure possible - Horizont*

This is a global launch campaign for a new GLB, the Mercedes’ first entry level SUV. The car offers flexibility with spacious room and diverse features for young and active lifestyle families. So it’s a car that allows people to have enough room to explore a new possibility.

We tell a story of a little girl who always tries something new even though most of the time, it turns out it’s not a right fit for her. But her father is always on her side and she continues on her fun journey, accompanied by the trusted GLB.

Main film



Directoer: Gary Freedman

Production: ANORAK

Agency: Antoni Berlin
Executive Creative director: Marcell Francke, Tilman Gossner
Creative Director: Alice Bottaro
Art director: Tomic Lee, Matthias Bauer
Copywriter: Marc Bieri